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Consulid GmbH & Co KG

Am Arlandgrund 17
8045 Graz
+43 676 5630200

Complete company name
Consulid GmbH & Co KG

Registered seat
Am Arlandgrund 17
8045 Graz

VAT Number

Company registration
FN 390886 h

Legal form
GmbH & Co KG

Managing Director / Legal entity
Schneider Lukas Peter

Form of enterprise
Gesellschaft m.b.H. (Ltd.)

Corporate purpose
quality engineering, inspections, monitoring, NDT

Professional association
Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark

Court of registry
Magistrat der Stadt Graz

Trade Regulation Act
Ingenieurbüros (Beratende Ingenieure) gemäß § 94 Z. 69 GewO 1994 auf dem Gebiet des Maschinenbaues, eingeschränkt auf Werkstoffprüfung


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Data protection
Provided that the possibility of entering personal or business details (i.e. e-mail addresses, names, addresses) exists within the Internet offer, the disclosure of such data on the part of the user is done on an expressly voluntary basis. The use and payment of all services offered is permissible – insofar as technically possible and reasonable – without specification of personal data or under specification of anonymized data or an alias. The use of contact data – supplied in the context of the imprint or in comparable data like published postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers and email addresses – for the delivery of unsolicited information is strictly forbidden. We reserve the right to take legal measures against those senders of so-called spam mails that violate this regulation.

Legal effect of this liability disclaimer
This liability disclaimer is to be seen as an integral part of the internet offering from where reference was made to this section. In the case that individual parts or individual wordings of this disclaimer fail to comply with applicable law, or no longer or not fully comply, this shall not affect the remaining parts of this document as regards content and validity.

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The European Commission provides a platform for the use of online dispute resolution, which you can find under

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